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Hand Pallet Truck Economic

The Hand Pallet Truck offers an economical solution for material handling in various industries. Designed for efficiency and cost-effectiveness, it features a sturdy construction and user-friendly design, allowing easy maneuverability of heavy loads. With a focus on durability and functionality, this economic material handling tool enhances productivity while minimizing operational costs. Ideal for small-scale businesses or warehouses with limited budgets, the Hand Pallet Truck provides a reliable and budget-friendly solution for transporting goods within a facility.


Capacity 2500  Kgs 2500  Kgs 2500  Kgs 2500  Kgs
Width over forks 550  mm. 685 mm 550  mm. 685 mm
Fork Length 1150  mm. 1170  mm. 1200 mm. 1200 mm./td>
Sheet Thickness 3 mm 3 mm 4 mm 4 mm


  • Life Long with leak proof Hydraulic.
  • Solid Frame with heavy reinforcement.
  • Best for transferring goods and Pallets.
  • Reinforced forks ensure high reliability.


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