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These  Aerial order pickers by Tech Mech Handling Equipments is a electric order picker, works like a personnel lift that can be easily used in inside warehouse application like such as picking goods from vertical racking for order completion by customers. It's hydraulic lifiting is by battery and movement is manually pull push by one person only on good floors.


Model No. TMOP 2-3.3 TMOP  2-4.0 TMOP 2-4.5
Capacity 200Kgs 200Kgs 200Kgs
Lifting Height 3300mm 4000mm 4500mm
Working Height 5000mm 5700mm 6200mm
Platform Size 600X640mm 600X640mm 600X640mm


  • Designed for material picking from racks.
  • Can be operated by 1 person only.
  • Heavy duty Castors.
  • Special Coated PU Wheels.
  • Suitable for Supermarkets and stores Department.
  • Also suitable for small height maintenance work up to 20 feet.


aerial order picker
Aerial Order Picker
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battery drive aerial order picker
Battery Drive Aerial Order Picker
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