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These Battery Drive Order Picker by Techmech Handling Equipments has been introduced as a lighter version of battery drive platform/stacker with the features that the operator will stand over the rising platform under full protection of railings and go up to pick and choose the packages from the racks and bring them. It's hydraulic lifting as well movement is by heavy duty maintenance free batteries, powerpack and drive wheels.


Model No. TMBDOP 3-3.3 TMBDOP 3-4.0 TMBDOP 3-4.5
Lift Rated capacity 300kgs 300kgs 300kgs
Platform Height 3300mm 4000mm 4500mm
Working Height 5000mm 5400mm 6000mm
Platform Size 600X640mm 600X640mm 600X640mm


  • Battery Drive order picker is suitable for single worker operation
  • Operator is able to carry out product sorting on the platform
  • It is primarily intended for indoor use.
  • Can do storage and retrieval in warehouses and supermarkets.
  • The picker is also equipped with an emergency lowering button.
  • Can be used in narrow spaces.


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