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Battery Drive Aerial Maintenance Platform (Double Mast):This Battery Drive maintenance Platform is suitable for attending the maintenance works of lighting, overhead cranes, window cleaning etc., at high levels in workshops, ware houses or anywhere on goods floors or roads. Heavy duty maintenance free batteries with high quality powerpack gives power for lifting hydraulically & smooth movement by drive motor in wheels with braking systems.


Model TMBDAP 7.5-2000 TMBDAP 9-2000
Capacity 200Kgs 150Kgs
Lifting Height 7500mm 9000mm
Working Height 9000mm 10500mm


  • It is powered by DC, can move automatically, has the function of exchanging low and high speeds, can be controlled manually and requires no manual push.
  • The malfunction can be diagnosed and displayed in codes. The emergent drop will be locked.
  • All the controls for drive to all sides up, down, start, stop are provided to the operator on the lifting platform.
  • Batteries are chargeable & maintenance free with long life.
  • The driving motor has the automatic braking function.


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