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self propelled mast lift

Vertical mast lifts are a type of aerial work platform intended to provide access to high reaching tasks while allowing for tight fitting access and a small space footprint. It can work in narrow aisles & its horizontal reach of working platform is specially made when there are many machines or goods are installed on floor. Heavy duty maintenance free batteries with high quality powerpack gives power for lifting hydraulically & smooth movement by drive motor in wheels with braking systems.

Model No. AMWP11.5-8100
Capacity 200Kgs
Lifting Height 9.20m
Working Height 11.20m
Platform Size 620x870mm


  • People could drive the lift easily to the right working area.
  • Short chargeable time and long dural time of the battery.
  • Non-ark solid tires and smooth operation, friendly to sensitive floors.
  • Overload sensing
  • Slope protection
  • Manual lower down device.
  • Suitable for maintenance job at height.
  • Designed for outdoor job sites.
  • Can help you complete your job safely and efficiently.


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