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electric stacker heavy

Electric stackers allows all operations by inbuilt batteries to stack goods, pallets, products onto racks in a vertical arrangement as well movement on long distance in warehouses, plants with Battery Drive wheels. These Electric stackers by Tech Mech Handling Equipments are very much useful for quick and safe handling of pallets. Sometimes, also on top of one another like block stacking.


Model TMBDST 15.20 TMBDST 15.25 TMBDST 15.30 TMBDST  15-35 TMBDST 15-40
Rated Capacity (Q) 1500Kgs 1500Kgs 1500Kgs 1500Kgs 1500Kgs
Lifting Height   (h3) 2000mm 2500mm 3000mm 3500mm 4000mm
Fork Size (LXN) 1150mm 1150mm 1150mm 1150mm 1150mm
Width Over Forks(E) 570mm 570mm 570mm 680mm 680mm


Model TMBDST 15-45 TMBDST 15-50 TMBDST 20.20 TMBDST 20.25
Rated Capacity (Q) 1500Kgs 1500Kgs 2000 Kgs 2000 Kgs
Lifting Height   (h3) 4500mm 5000 mm 2000 mm 2500 mm
Fork Size (LXN) 1150 mm 1150 mm 1150 mm 1150 mm
Width Over Forks(E) 680 mm 680 mm 570 mm 570 mm


  • Battery operated stacker.
  • Can be used lift and move the pallets in warehouse.
  • Responsive controls.
  • Precise and smooth operations.
  • Different load capacities.
  • Can be used Indoor & outdoor.


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