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semi electric stacker ld

Semi electric stacker is a different type of stacker which can be used for lifting, move and lower loads by battery Hydraulic operation. No need of any efforts to lift the loaded pallets. The lifting of pallets is by Battery motor Hydraulic & movement by pull push manually on smooth wheels.



TMBST (LD) – 10-16

 Rated Capacity


Lifting Height


Fork Width (L * W) 1150*150mm
Fork Width(min - max) 300 - 850


  • Popular brans for its Heavy duty stacker.
  • Forks are reinforced & adjustable.
  • Ideal for stacking Jobs & pallets in racks.
  • Lifting by Electric power or battery.
  • Movement by manual Pull Push.
  • Leakproof Hydraulic System.


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